VIRGINIA Traffic Law - Eagle Driving School

Virginia Traffic Laws at the Glance

Allows a person 19 or over to have the option of talking the behind-the-wheel examination at a driver training school as long as he/she completes current driver education requirements already in place for persons under 19. This bill would also allow students who are not minors to take driver’s education and their behind-the-wheel examination with their school or with a driver training school. Completion of the driver’s education course, including the final road skills test, waives the 60-day holding period on the learner’s permit. DMV will continue to test persons seeking a commercial driver’s license, any applicant who is under medical control and persons who fail the behind-the-wheel test three times at DMV.

  • Virginia license plates must be displayed on the vehicle so that all wording, numbers and decals and completely visible and readable.
  • You must use your headlights during inclement weather, or whenever you use your windshield wipers.
  • You must signal before you change lanes, make a turner pull in front of another vehicle.
  • Radar detectors and radar jamming devices are illegal in Virginia.
  • If you fail the driver's license knowledge exam three times, you will not be able to take it a fourth time until you complete and pass the classroom part of driver education at a driver training school approved by DMV or the Department of Education, the completion date for the in-vehicle part must be after the date you failed the road test the third time. Once you certificate of completion, you can take the road skills test again.
  • It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle, opted or bicycle on Virginia roadways while using earphones or headphones in both ears. Bicycles are considered vehicles and have the same right-of-way as motor vehicle; bicycles must also yield the same rights0of-way as motor vehicles.
  • If you change your address, you must notify DMV of your new address within 30 days.
  • All children under age six must be properly secured in an approved child safety seat or booster seat. Booster seat or safety belt no matter where the child is seated in the vehicle. It is unlawful for persons under age 15 to travel in the bed of a pick-up truck.
  • The driver and front-seat passenger must wear safety belts.
  • Do no out through, Jon, or interfere with a funeral procession. You must yield the right-of-way to the procession.
  • Pull to the curb and yield the right-of-way to all approaching emergency vehicles. When approaching stopped emergency vehicles, you must change lanes or proceed with caution.
  • Never drink or use drugs and drive.
  • Failure to pay any motor vehicle-related or other court fine can result in suspension of your driver[s license.
  • Failure to pay the local vehicle license fee or personal property tax will prohibit you from renewing your vehicle registration (s).


  • Drive up close behind
  • Rev the engine
  • Become impatient if the other vehicle is slow to move off
  • Overtake only to cut in again sharply
  • Drive in the spirit of retaliation or competition
  • Text or talk on the phone while driving

Remember, there are other learners on the road too!!!


  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Keep your mind on your driving

  • Don't change your mind at the last minute
  • Don't rush through traffic
  • Don’t use aggressive language or gestures
Calm Down

  • Take deep breathes
  • Don't jump into your vehicle when you are in a steaming rage
  • Remember your action affect the actions of other drivers.
  • Following these Good Habits will help you be less frustrated and get to your destination safe.